Rules of Craps

An Introduction to Craps
Derived from the game of Hazard, craps is fun to play, something that is borne out by the loud cheers and noise that you will hear at a craps table in a casino. The game is old, some believe it dates back to the time of the Crusades, and has evolved over time. 

The game of craps came to America through New Orleans, which had a French connection. The story goes that the person who introduced the game to America was a wealthy Louisiana landowner, gambler, and politician by the name of Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. 

Basic Craps Rules 
You can play craps either at a traditional casino or at an online casino, the difference being that the online casino is in the virtual space and does not involve a physical dealer. Also, more importantly, while the shooter rolls the dice at a traditional casino, the rolling of the dice is done using a random number generator (RNG) at the online casinos. 

There can be up to 14 people at one craps table. Besides, there are four employees at each craps table in a traditional casino – the boxman, the stickman, and the two base dealers. There are times when you may see just one base dealer, when play is slack and there are not too many people.

You place your wager at the start of the game. To place your wager, you use chips, which you place in the area designated for bets at the craps table. You place center bets at the middle of the table. You must place your cash at the table when you wish to buy chips; you cannot give it directly to the dealer as dealers are not supposed to accept money directly. 

Once you place your money at the table, the dealer hands it over to the boxman, who in turns counts it and announces to the dealer the amount you have given so he can give you chips worth that amount. The dealer places the chips just in front of your position on the table. You cannot place your chips anywhere on the table; there is a specific location on the table, usually a railing on the groove of the table. This is where you would position your chips before pushing them to the wagering area.

More Craps Rules – Starting the Game 
To start the game, you have to wager at least the minimum amount applicable to your table. You can place this bet on the pass-line or the don’t-pass line, and your bets are called the right and wrong bets, respectively. Once you have placed your chips in the betting area, the game is set to begin. 

The first roll of the dice in a game is called the come-out roll. At a traditional casino, each player at the table gets to shoot the dice and the rotation happens on a clockwise basis. You need to randomly choose two dice from a set of five. The random element ensures that no player gets to cheat to win. If you are designated the shooter for a round, there are certain rules you need to follow when it comes to shooting the dice.

First of all, you need to throw the dice with just one hand; you are not allowed to use both hands. Also, it is mandatory that the dice has to bounce off the wall at the perimeter of the table. If a dice roll falls outside the table, the boxman calls out ‘no roll’, and that roll is considered null. That throw is not counted and you get to choose from the three remaining dice of the five-dice set. You can also ask to use the same dice that rolled out, but the boxman would check if first to ensure that things are alright before actually allowing you to use it.             

You can also opt not to throw the dice and merely bet on the possible outcome. To do this, you first need to see if the game is in the come-out round or the points round. You can check this by looking at the On button near the dealer. The button being in the ‘off’ position means the game is still in the come-out round, and it being ‘on’ means it is in the points round. If you are lucky, you may be able to place a single or multi-roll bet in this round, though is not a feature you will find in most casinos. 

Dealers get to collect the losing bets and make payments to the winners in between rounds. You can place fresh bets only after the dealer has completed all formalities for the previous round, including collecting the losing bets. You get the dice to throw from the stickman and once the throw is in, no one else can place any bets.

Craps Rules – Betting and Bet types
The game of craps is interesting, and lets you bet against other players as well as the bank. There are four major bet types in craps – line bets, single roll bets, multi-roll bets, and player bets. Each of these bet types has multiple bets within it.

Line bets – Based around points, these bets are:
oDon’t come 

Single roll bets – These are bets you would make on a single roll of the dice. The different types of single roll bets in craps are:
o2, also called Snake Eyes or Aces
o3, also called Ace-deuce
o12, also called Boxcars or Midnight
o2 or 12, also called Hi-lo
oAny craps
oC & E
oAny seven
oWhirl, also called World
oOn the hop

Multi-roll bets – These are bets that you make on a series of dice rolls. The different types of multi-roll bets in craps are:
oHard way
oEasy way
oBig 6 or Big 8
oPlace and buy
Player bets – Another type of bet is the player bet, also called the fire bet. This bet usually has a betting range of $1 to $5.

If you want to learn about these bet types and strategy check out our craps strategy.

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