One of the most popular casino bonuses offered online is the so called Microgaming free play, commonly promoted as "1 hour free play, keep your winnings".

The casino gives you the player, a set starting balance and a set amount of time. You spin the slot reels with the goal of hoping to increase your balance to a point over that you started with. Accomplish this and you can take the money you won and use it to play for real. Even if  you fail in your quest, the casino will still have a first deposit bonus available for you to use.

When claiming freeplay make sure to be familiar with the terms and conditions. Some online casinos will allow you to keep the winnings. While at others your winnings are considered a casino bonus and a minimum deposit, typically $20 will be required to claim them.

As you take advantage of the freeplay bonuses keep in mind that even though the casinos may share the same software, they do not necessarily have the same rules associated with the free play.

There are several advantages to be gained with this type of promotion. Firstly, it will allow you to become familiar withe the casinos games. Secondly, is the chance to really hit it big and parlay these winnings into something even better with no or little risk.

The best advantage is that you get to have a fun and exciting time at the casinos expensive. So remember to try all the freeplay casinos, then decide which is the right one for you, and best of all you keep the winnings.
Casino Free Play Strategy

When it comes to taking part in free play casino promotion there is a strategy I use. First I check the rules of the promotion to see if there is a minimum number of spins that be taken and if there is a maximum that can be won. The strategy below will assume that the minimum number of spins is 50 and the maximum winnings is $200 on the free play and I have starting balance of $500.

In starting my mission I look for video slots that have bonus rounds, just because these are the most exciting to play. I will then pick a slot game and set my stake at a minimum $1 per spin. I then procede to spin the slot hoping that the trigger for the bonus round happens, if not I stop at 25 spins. I will continue this pattern until I get the bonus round or a win that pays 50x my bet size. At that point I will change games and continue my pattern. The whole time doing this I have a sheet of paper at my desk keeping track of the spins taken, so that I know exactly when I have met the minimum spins requirement. At this point depending on my balance, it will set in motion the next part of my free play casino strategy.

If my balance is at more than $400 I will up my bet to approximately $3 a spin and keep with the 25 spins max method. If my balance has gone below $400 I will continue at $1 until it hopefully rises above that number. The key to cashing in on free play is keep the bets small. Sure you can bet $20 a spin and hope for the big hit and then cash out, but the odds are against you. By playing with smaller bets you allow yourself more of a chance to hit bonus rounds were just one can put you above that magic maximum winnings number.

You can play and devise your own free play casino system, just make sure to know the rules and your goal prior to spinning. Once you take one spin the timer starts and you will find yourself wasting valuable time looking at the rules later to see what you must do.


Blackjack Ballroom $/€/₤ 500 or 40% up to $/€/₤ 400
Casino Action $/€/₤ 1250 or $/€/₤ 40 for $/€/₤ 40
Casino Classic $/€/₤ 500 or $/€/₤ 20 for $/€/₤ 20
Casino Share $/€/₤ 2011 or $/€/₤ 20 for $/€/₤ 20
Golden Tiger $/€/₤ 1500 or 50% up to $/€/₤ 250
Grand Mondial $/€/₤ 2500 or $/€/₤ 20 for $/€/₤ 20
Platinum Play $/€/₤ 1500 100% up to $/€/₤ 200
Players Palace $/€/₤ 2000 or $/€/₤ 20 for $/€/₤ 20
Yukon Gold $/€/₤ 1000 or 100% up to $/€/₤ 50
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