As the Reel Turns I Slots

As the Reel Turns 1 – Starting with an epic soap opera opening, As the Reels Turn introduces a batch of characters and provides a profile shot and quick animation of each. Meet Chrissy, Matt G, The Don, Ivan the fish and more as you enter their world. As the Reels Turn is a multi-part slot machine experience where each game tells a little part of a large story. After the initial introduction, the story begins. The animation is silly, but fun. The graphics are great, as well as the sounds, however the audio and visuals don’t match up at all. The game itself is a 5 reel, 15 line I slot machine. Each icon is a picture of one of the characters or an object that pertains to the story. Spin 3 bonus icons and enter the bonus round. Bet between 1 and 10 cents on each line. 

As the Reel Turns 2 – Your favorite soap opera characters return for another installment of As the Reel Turns. This time there’s no back story, but there are new characters! Welcome Vanessa and Jamie to the board as they join the highly involved plot. The 5 reel, 15 line i-slot machine brings a ton of bonuses and a ton of fun. Bet up to 5 coins on each spin. Spin the bonus icon to access the bonus round. Spin 3 or more “Advance to the Next Screen” icons to go to the next scene of the story. As the game map suggests, scene one is just the beginning. 

As the Reel Turns 3 – This favorite i-slot machine is back for another part of the story. Even more characters join us this time, such as Mrs. Livingston, Sal and Val. Like with the previous game, the more you play, the more you get to see as their story unravels. This slot machine has 5 reels and 15 lines, all offering chances to win. The “Advance to the Next Scene” icon not only brings you to the next part of the story, it also triggers the “Costumes” bonus round. 
I Slots

 I slots are an interactive slot games from Rival Gaming. They are multi-reel, multi-line slots that have multiple bonus rounds and story lines. As you play these slot games a storyline unfolds, never being the same game twice.  The "I slot" is truly a unique slot game experience that all should try.

 Branded and recognized around the world, I slots are a look at things to come in online gambling. When you want to get away from the traditional reel slots, I slots are just the game. As you spin watch for the bonus round triggering symbols. If you trigger a bonus round another part of the story will be revealed. some rounds give you choices, changing the flow of the story. this is a big reason Rival slots are so popular.

Of course Rival gaming has bonus slots and progressive slots, but wouldn't you like to experience this entirely new concept. Rival gaming casinos all offer the I slots, with the same payout schedule at every casino. 

The I slots below represent the current games available at Rival gaming casinos. Rival continues to add to the stable on a regular basis to give players another adventure to follow.  the latest release was Cosmic quest -episode 2 witch can be seen at the bottom of the page. You can try any of these I slots with the no deposit bonus offered at al rival casinos for new players.

Try the As the Reel Turns i-slots at any of the Rival Gaming casinos
Reel Crime I Slots

Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist – An opening animation shows our main characters planning a bank heist, and that’s where Reel Crime 1 begins. Like with As the Reel Turns, Reel Crime: Bank Heist has many different levels. For this game, when you spin 3 or more Tommy guns you advance to the next stage. This 5 reel, 15 line I slot machine shows graphics of various gangster related paraphernalia, such as top hats, bats, money and brass knuckles. Risk up to ten cents a coin and decide if you want to play 5 or fewer coins for each spin.

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist – Reel Crime 2 brings our characters to a museum as they try to rob it of its precious paintings. Each icon on the 5 reels is a different painting. Risk up to a ten cents coin and decide if you want to play5 or fewer coins for each spin. There are 15 lines and many ways to win. Try to access the Robin Hood bonus round where you can win from 400 to 1,000 coins. Spin 4 or 5 real paintings to access the next stage. It takes a while to spin them, however the game is addictive enough that you don’t mind. 

Try the Reel Crime i-slots at any of the Rival Gaming casinos
Cosmic Quest I Slots

Cosmic Quest: Episode One – Journey to outer space with Cosmic Quest! This i-slot machine has 5 reels and 20 lines to bet on. With each spin, a laser scans the reel, giving it that perfect outer space feel. Wager up to five cents a coin for each spin, and up to 10 coins. Spin a pink pilot to access the bonus round! Spin 3 or more of the scatter money to receive free spins. This is one of the more exciting I slots to play.

Cosmic Quest: Episode Two – Continue your cosmic adventure with Cosmic Quest: Episode two. Travel to new planets and find new alien species. The 5 reel, 20 line i-slot machine brings the same amount of fun as the first Cosmic Quest did. Spin the astronaut to enter the bonus round, where you get to fly a ship through space. Just don’t crash it! 

Try the Cosmic Quest i-slots at any of the Rival Gaming casinos
Baby Boomer I Slot

Baby Boomer: Cash Cruise – Jump aboard the cruise ship and take your turn at the 5 reel, 15 line i-slot machine! Travel agency images line each reel, like cruise ships and passports. Spin a bus to access the wild icon, or get the ship icon to go to the bonus round. Wager up to 5 coins on each spin, 10 cents or less a coin. 
Hole in Won I Slot

Hole in Won – Fancy a game of golf? With Hole in Won, spin the 5 i-slot reels to win. Players can wager up to 5 coins (1-10 cents each) on each of the 15 lines. Golf clubs decorate the screen and different golf equipment adorns the reels. The eagle icon acts as a wild card and the bird accesses the bonus round. 
Try the Baby Boomer i-slot at any of the Rival Gaming casinos
Try the Hole in Won Turns i-slot at any of the Rival Gaming casinos
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