Over 100 online casinos use online gaming software provided by Microgaming. Being the most popular online casino software provider comes with great expectations from players and Microgaming does not disappoint.

Microgaming release new casino games every month and now has a platform with more than 400 games. They continue to innovate the industry with features that players want. some of the more recent games have features such as 100 pay lines, sticking wilds, expanding wild symbols, and numerous video slot bonus rounds with different capabilities.

If your serious about trying online gambling start with the best, a Microgaming powered casino,  any long time player will tell you this is no lie.
Microgaming Casino Software

Microgaming might very well be one of the most powerful casino software developers as it seems to have found a very special place in player’s hearts worldwide. The company has been around since 1994 and today the software suite goes by the name Microgaming Viper. The Viper suite has brought many specialties to the already exciting gaming package that keeps on enhancing a great amount of online casinos. A player that chooses a Microgaming casino can count on a feeling that stays fresh and exciting for a very long time.

Microgaming Game Selection
A Microgaming Viper casino will offer all of the standard casino games but there are certain games that benefit extra from the software’s backup with information on games. In the Blackjack games the player can use the help with strategy that the casino software offers. Microgaming is also known for its many fun slot machines and no matter if a player is busy with video poker or at the roulette wheel he will find that the format makes each game easy to enjoy. With an amount of over 300 games in its portfolio a Microgaming casino is bound to be something out of the ordinary.

Microgaming Technology and Graphics
As mentioned above the Microgaming Viper software package comes with a lot of help to understand how to play the games. A complete beginner can get into the game quickly while someone looking for strategy will have this readily available. Microgaming casinos are also known for their excellent graphics. It is not only because the games and their backdrops come in innovative themes but also because the graphics don’t get in the way of the actual gaming. There’s a good balance between the innovative and the formal that can be felt throughout the complete casino package.

Microgaming Money and Bonuses
The list of Microgaming casinos goes long and therefore players can find a great variety of promotions that will make their money last a lot longer. Some casinos will give a big bonus to beginner players and then continue to reward through a loyalty program while other casinos keep a steady bonus flow on deposits from the very first bet.

Microgaming Special Features
A very special feature of the Microgaming software is the autoplay function. This allows a player to walk away from the computer and let the computer continue the gaming. For someone that plays a lot this can come in as a great asset as the flow of the gaming doesn’t have to be disturbed.

Advantages of Microgaming Software
Over 100 online casinos use it. 
It comes with great statistic and strategy functions.
The amount of games is huge and greatly varied.
Huge progressive jackpots.

Special Note for USA players:
Microgaming casinos no longer accepts new USA players. If you live in the USA and would like to play at an online casino see our casinos accepting USA players page.
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