Progressive Slots

Rival gaming offers a number of progressive slots at its online casinos.  Seeing that players were continually asking about progressives, Rival Gaming listened. First launching Major Moolah, then Strike Gold and now following about every two months with a new jackpot slot game. As the rival slots selection continus to grow you can expect many more progressives to appear.

Progressive slots for those of you who do not know are slot games that the top prize continues to grow until won.  All bets placed on a progressive slots game takes a small percentage of that bet and then adds it to the top prize.  The progressive jackpot continues to grow until some lucky gambler triggers the winning payout. The jackpot is then reset to a base amount and starts to climb all over again. Play at all Rival Gaming casinos contribute towards the progressive jackpot pool.

If you are on a small budget I would suggest staying away from playing any progressive slots. The pay out percentage is traditionally less than all another types of slots like reel slotsbonus slots or I slots. This is directly attributed to a portion of each wager being taken and added to the jackpot. Though the percentage may be small typically 1-2%, this still lowers the overall payout percentage. Rival's progressive slots have a minimum wager of .25 all the way up to 3.75 a spin, dependant on the rival game you have chosen to play.

Rival Gaming Progressive Slots
One Million Reels BC Progressive Slot

One Million Reels BC  - With its progressive jackpot and many ways to win, One Million Reels B.C. is pretty fun. This 3 reel, 5 line progressive slots game from Rival Gaming that has dinosaurs standing around in the background and prehistoric sound effects playing.

 Dinosaur eggs and cavemen adorn the reels. Bet place a bet of 1-3 coins and then choose how many lines you wish to wager on. 

 Be on the look out for the baby green dinosaur in a winning combination. one will double your win, two will quadruple your win. If you are playing .75 a line and three appear, celebrate, you just won the jackpot!

 One Million Reels BC has a unique feature among progressive slots as you only need to be placing three coins (.75) on juts one line in order to win the jackpot. You do not have to place a max bet $3.75 to win.
One Million Reels B.C. Progressive Slot
Major Moolah slot
Strike Gold Slot
Strike Gold Progressive Slot

Strike Gold – Strike Gold is the minimum $15,000 progressive slot machine with a continuously rising jackpot. Spin the 3 reels and hope to match up the 3 “strike gold” icons for the jackpot. Spin 1 coin and win the smaller prize of $2,000. Wager up to a maximum 2 coins on each spin. 

 The “strike gold” icon also acts as a wild card, joining up with other reel symbols to help you win.  One Strike Gold in a winning combination will double the prize and two will quadruple it.

 Strike Gold slot is among the lowest bet required to win the jackpot of any online casino. This progressive slot requires a max bet of just $2.00 to enable the jackpot. If you are looking to play a progressive game with great odds and have a small budget, the Strike gold slot may be the perfect fit for you.
Major Moolah Progressive Slot

Major Moolah – Major Moolah is a progressive slots machine with a jackpot that continuously rises to over $16,000. Bet up to 3 coins on each spin and hope for the best.  This is a dollar slot machine that requires a wager of three coins or $3 to enable the progressive jackpot to be hit. 

 Major Moolah is a 3 reel slot machine has 12 different ways to win. Spinning any one coin guarantees you a small prize, however spinning all 3 “MM” icons lets you win the ultimate jackpot. The jackpot on Major Moolah starts at $2500 and increases until it is won!

  Major Moolah is based around the traditional bars and &'s slot machines found online or in Vegas. This will make it a slot game with a very familiar feel to you, if you have played progressive slots in the past.
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Jackpot 5x Wins Progressive Slot

Jackpot 5x Wins – Jackpot 5x Wins is a three line, three reel progressive slot with a classic theme. This vibrantly colored progressive slot is reminiscent of old school Vegas slots with cherries, sevens and bars decorating the reels.

In addition to the traditional symbols in this slot game there is the Jackpot 5x Wins symbol. This symbol is wild with a five times multiplier. Even without a progressive jackpot win this game offers some pretty good payouts. Lineup two 5x symbols for a 3000 coin payout and one 5x symbol will earn you 1500 coins.

This progressive slot requires the max bet, a total of nine coins - three coins per line for your chance to hit the progressive jackpot. It will take nine of the 5x symbols 3 on every line to win this progressive.

Money Magic Progressive Slot

Money Magic – Money Magic is a five reel, nine line RivalPowered progressive slot game . As the name suggests this game immerses you in the world of magic beginning with its introduction video in which the magician dazzles you with some of his illusions.

The symbols in this game are all related to magic tricks and illusions and almost every one of them has some sort of animation when they line them up which makes this game fun to watch. A bouquet of flowers is the jackpot symbol as well as the wild. Five jackpot symbols on any winning pay-line will award the progressive jackpot win playing max coins.

Money Magic's coin value is fixed at $0.05, however the number of coins per line as well as the pay-lines themselves are still adjustable but as I mentioned before if you want to win that 10,000 coin jackpot you will want to be betting five coins on all nine lines.