Reel Slots

Reel slots are commonly called 3-Reel slots.  The original slot machines had three reels, hence they are typically refereed to as traditional slots. No bonus rounds, free spins or scatters, just three reels with graphics and sounds. Rival Gaming provides online casinos using its software a number of reel slots for their casinos. 

Reel slots commonly have 1,3 or 5 paylines. Though other combinations may exist these are the most common. In a 1 line reel slot the centerline is the pay line. In a 3 reel slot the three lines going across are the paylines and on a 5 payline is the three lines across and the 2 diagonals. The diagnols being from the top left to the bottom right and the bottom left to the top right. These three combinations of different winning pay lines are the ones currently used in rival gaming casinos reel slots.

The jackpots on the reel slots may not be large like the progressive slots, but a big payday is still possible. $10,000 pay outs on a $5 bet are not uncommon with reel slots. Players will find that the rival slots top reel slot has a payout of 10,000 to 1 meaning what ever you bet if you hit the top prize you will receive 10,000 times your bet in return. The slot games at rival can be played with as little as a one cent bet all the up to $15 a spin. 

 If you ever find that the traditional reel slots are just a little bland, I would recommend trying the I-Slots from rival. the I slots offer you a video slot machine with bonus rounds, free spins and a unique storyline that progresses as the game moves on.
Sevens and Bars Reel Slot

Sevens and Bars – Sevens and Stars is a truly patriotic slot machine. There are no wild icons, yet plenty of ways to win, as this machine offers one of the highest payouts. Spin any of the diamonds to receive the smallest payout. Spin 3 Seven and Bar icons to win the largest payout, which is worth up to 2,500! Bet up to a dollar on 1-3 coins. Spin 3 sevens in each color (red, white and blue) in any order and receive triple your win amount. Spin them in the correct order (red, white, than blue) and win five times your win amount! Sevens and Bars is an addictive game that pays out nicely. 
Milk the Cash Cow Reel Slot

Milk the Cash Cow – Milk the Cow is a fun 3 reel slot machine. Bet up to a dollar on 1, 2 or 3 coins and spin the reels. The cow, acting as a wild symbol, matches up with the other icons to create more chances to win. Spin all 3 cows and win the jackpot. There are 9 different ways to win and every win is announced with the cow giving a loud moo.
Sevens and Bars Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
Milk the Cash Cow Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
Gold Rush Reel Slot

Gold Rush – Bet between 1 cent and 1 dollar and hope to uncover some gold! At Gold Rush, a 3 reel slot machine, spin the wheels and hope to win one of the 8 different rewards. Use 1, 2 or 3 coins on each spin. The gold miner is the wild card and pays two times the winning combination if 1 appears and 4 times the winning combination if two appear. Get all three and win the jackpot.

Flea Market Reel Slot

Flea Market – At Flea Market, spin the 3 reels and hope for the best. Chatter fills the speakers as fleas barter for expensive items like jewels and furniture. The diamond ring acts as the wild icon. Bet up to a dollar on 1 or 2 coins when you play. There are 9 different ways to win, some as easy as simply spinning a lollipop! 
Gold Rush Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
Flea Market Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
Fantastic Fruit Reel Slot

Fantastic Fruit – Pick a fruit, any fruit. If 3 fruits match up, you win at Fantastic Fruit! At this 3 reel slot machine, bet up to a dollar on 1, 2 or 3 coins. For a simple win, just spin one set of cherries, but for the main jackpot, try to get 3 in a row. There are 7 different ways to win in total. 

Chicken Little Reel Slot

Chicken Little – Chicken Little is for those slot players who are up for a challenge. The lowest prize available is for spinning 3 bar signs. Knowing that that’s the lowest, you could imagine how hard it is to win. But when you do win, the benefits are nice. Risk up to a dollar a coin and play up to 3 coins per spin. The chick symbol acts as a wild card. The game has cute sound effects and fun graphics. 
Fantastic Fruit Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
Chicken Little Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
Big Cash Win Reel Slot

Big Cash Win – There are 11 different ways to win at Big Cash Win, the 3 reel slot machine. Risk up to a dollar a coin and decide if you want to play 1 or 2 coins for each spin. The more coins played, the higher the payouts received. Spin just one set of cherries to win a basic prize! Like most 3 reel machines, it’s not incredibly easy to win, but it is fun to play. 
Big Cash Win Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
Surf Paradise Reel Slot

Surf Paradise – Aloha! Welcome to Surf Paradise where the 3 reel slot machine offers you 10 different ways to win. Spin just one surf board and win! As with many slot machines, sometimes the reels stop between icons, which is relatively frustrating. But no matter, with bets as low as 1 cent I don’t mind trying again.  when it comes to looses reel slots, I find Surf Paradise to fit the bill.
Surf Paradise Reel Slot at any Rival Gaming casino
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